Review Policy

I am currently available to review books! When reviewing I will give my honest opinion, but I will also be fair to the writer. Usually when I receive a book it takes me two weeks to post a review, usually. I will post a new review every Wednesday. Once the review is posted it will not be taken down. I will also post my review to Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles.

I love to read new books whenever possible here is a list of book I will review:

There are certain genres that if you ask me to review I will have no choice but to say yes!
*Romantic Suspense
*Chic Lit
*Women's Fiction
(I'm a sucker for a love story. Especially if it's a crime novel. My favorite author is Karin Slaughter therefore anything in her genre I will review first.)

Next genres that I will review, but not my favorite:
*Children's books
*Horror Fiction
*Paranormal (Iffy though I would have to read the description first)

Genres I wont review:
*Apocalyptic scenarios
*Science Fiction

If you would like to have me review your book shoot  me and email at Put book review in the subject line. In the email include the genre and a link to your website or the description and I will get back to you and let you know if it's a book I would like to review. *All books must be in Ebook format. Unless you would like to mail me a print copy of your novel.

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  1. I just sent you an email, I'm liking the pink btw!