Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love (poem)

Another poem I wrote in college. This one I really like, hope you enjoy.

Love can be described through interaction
Love can be described through touch
Love can cause pain for some
Love can bring happiness for others
When I think of love I think of happiness
When others think of love it could be anything
For love is a powerful gift for those
For love is a powerful sin for those
The world can experience love in different ways
The world could experience love the same
Love can make you do crazy things
Love can open your eyes to see
All the wonderful things love can bring
Could leave you wanting everything

Hidden (poem)

I wrote this poem in college. I'm not sure why I named it hidden, it's been a long time. It's interesting to read something that I wrote so long ago compared to the poems previously posted.

Empty inside with no place to hide, I run for the door but my feet stick to the ground. I try to gasp for air but I start falling, falling into a place that feels so far from home. When I get there there’s a black hole on the wall that seems to hold all the answers that I am looking for. I run toward the black hole but the closer I get the further it is away. I reach out to touch it but my hand gets pulled back as if someone not wanted me to achieve my destination. I slip and fall! As the wound exposes and the blood comes out of my knee it's black too. But I had to ignore what was happening, I had to ignore this black thick liquid coming out of me. I picked myself up and start running full speed toward the hole. My legs are pumping, head is sweating, I can feel failure on my tongue as this damn hole keeps moving! Why! Why won’t it let me reach it? Why can't I just feel like I am at home again? Why do I feel belittled and degraded as if this hole is in a way mocking me?
I wipe the sweat from my forehead, I know longer feel the blood running down my leg, my legs move faster than the last train departing from the station! As if I am the train and it's heading right towards the hole! It's not a dot to me anymore, actually it's very close! Did I need to feel failure in order to make me reach the hole? Did I need to trip and fall so that there was an obstacle that would make me stronger? Is the black circle even a hole? I stop, I'm standing right in front of this bitch of a hole but it's not a hole, it's not a black circle! It's me! I am whole! It took obstacles, and hard work but I made it to the place where I am whole! I look down at my knee and it's not cut, I go to wipe my forehead and It's dry, my legs don't hurt from running like a mad women, I can breath and feel the fresh air. It dawns on me everything I do I will need to be ready to stop and think about the journey that it took to make me whole! I have to try my best, every single day! I can fall down, but I should never let it stop me, I'll have hurdles everyday but I have to jump over them. But most of all, all my fears I have I will know that I just need to spit out that taste of failure, because you aren't a failure unless you let yourself be one! I know that if I never stop letting myself feel as if I am not whole I won’t have to go finding myself! Because in the long run I think I was whole the entire time I just needed a little help finding myself.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My first poem for Viewshound

Metamorphasis-Leave it to the butterflies 

I used to be fat, but now I’m thin
I used to be natural, but now I wear makeup
I used to be Plain Jane, but now I’m the prettiest in the room
I used to hide, but now I stand out in a crowd
I used to like to look in a mirror, but now all I see are my faults
I used to smile, but now I cry behind closed doors
I used to be fun, but now I only worry if others think I’m fun
I used to have real friends, but now I have social media
I used to be nice, but now being cruel is a game to me
I used to see everything half full, but now everything is empty
I used to have confidence, but now I have none
I use to be myself, but now I don’t know who I am
I used to have one face, but now I have two
I used to want to make a difference, but now I’m the one who’s different
I used to be a butterfly, but now I’m a snake

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The second poem I wrote for Viewshound

When one door closes...

There was a time when it was just you and me
We would spend time together so happily
But something’s different in the way you look
I feel as if you’re ready to let me off the hook
I tried in the past to hold on to something we’ve lost
But let’s face it I’m glad we’re a lost cause
Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to do
When you’re out on the town with God knows who
See we’re about to do things a little differently
So what I want is for you to do is pay attention closely
I thought I needed you because you made me feel small
But it turns out I’m the big one after all
You once told me a woman should stay in her place
It was the first time you ever got in my face
I should have realized then that you were no good
But I was so caught up on doing what you told me I should
No longer will you push me around
Being slapped and kicked and knocked to the ground
I feel so empowered I wish you were here to see
This I the first time since I met you that I feel so alive and free
I have a surprise for you sweetie and I hope you’re sitting down
Because you might not like this once it gets all over town
You told for so long that no one would ever take me as their lover
Well, guess what baby I’m running off with your brother

...another door opens

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