Thursday, January 5, 2012

My first poem for Viewshound

Metamorphasis-Leave it to the butterflies 

I used to be fat, but now I’m thin
I used to be natural, but now I wear makeup
I used to be Plain Jane, but now I’m the prettiest in the room
I used to hide, but now I stand out in a crowd
I used to like to look in a mirror, but now all I see are my faults
I used to smile, but now I cry behind closed doors
I used to be fun, but now I only worry if others think I’m fun
I used to have real friends, but now I have social media
I used to be nice, but now being cruel is a game to me
I used to see everything half full, but now everything is empty
I used to have confidence, but now I have none
I use to be myself, but now I don’t know who I am
I used to have one face, but now I have two
I used to want to make a difference, but now I’m the one who’s different
I used to be a butterfly, but now I’m a snake

Article category: Poetry
Article tags: changing, butterflies, inspirational, confidence

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