Monday, November 21, 2011

It's been too long...

What's up Bloaders! It's been awhile since I've been able to do a blog. Let me start off by saying that I missed blogging these last couple of weeks. This november has been the busiest month I've had all year. First thing on my plate was National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Trying to write a novel in thirty days. The goal was to get up to 50,000 words. I found that once I began writing getting to 50,000 words was no problem, I wrote free style like I wrote my first novel. I didn't have a plan I just wrote, I have to admit my first novel I knew exactly how I wanted it to map out and in the third novel in the series I just don't know how I want it to map out.  So although I got to my 50,000 words and even got there 15 days early I don't know if I can even use all those words. I'm glad I did it though, I felt as if it was going to be a challenge and I never turn down a challenge no matter what.

I feels as if the path that I want to take my book is a good path, but I feel as if I should change it. I guess I'm not quite sure how to actually say what I mean. Writing my first  book was the most exciting thing that I've ever done and being in the position I was in with not feeling well, barely being able to get out of bed, and being in constant pain, writing was my one release. I've always been the person to have two or three jobs. Trying to keep as busy I could and being out of work was something that broke me down...long story short writing help me feel as if I wasn't wasting away in my bed room with my remote control. My mom always says it happened for a reason so I could complete my book... I have to agree with her, although I could have done without some of the pain :) My point though is the one thing I had was my writing and I feel as if I don't have that anymore.

At every turn of completing one step I feel as if I get pushed two steps back. First step was not being able to afford it, well, then I got the money. Now it's not being able to go through the self publisher that I want to because my word count would put my book at 17.95 Not quite sure what I should do about that. I thought maybe I would just do kindles but I know 75% of my fan base don't have them. So now I'm worried what my next move should be in this lously rollercoaster I call becoming an author.

Now after going through my book one final time trying to put everything together and ready for whatever I decide, I come to realize it's nothing like my first draft, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing. I feel as if I listened to others more than I litsend to myself and somewhere down the line I lost myself a little. My jokes, the scenes, everything just seems so diffrent. I just can't figure out when you go with your gut and when you go with someone elses. IDK I will just be happy when I have my baby in my hand. 

Well, since I've rambled on forever I'll show you some pics of some cupcakes I made last week. I'll try and
do a cupcake blog next week :)

These are my Grinch cupcakes! Every time I look at them that's what I think about. They are vanilla icing with chocolate chip cupcake. AMAZING! I can't wait till I come full circle and make these again. My pipping still need some work and for some reason I can't ever get my frosting thick enough. 

These are chocolate cupcake(devils foodcake) it was the first time I didn't make from scratch. I topped it with peanut butter icing. I HATED IT! It was so thick I couldn't spread it and once I added the confect sugar I thought it tasted funny but everyone else said I was being overly critical. Why do people say that to me of course I'm overly critcal! DUH! One word of advice as adding the confec. sugar keep tasting it and put in microwave to soften. I actually added peanut butter chips to the frosting and it made it taste alot better still not my favorite though. Oh and use Jiffy.

These are what they look like before the awful peanut butter! Aren't they beautiful? I added peanut butter chips to these too. Personally I loved them just like this.

Sneak peak! I wasn't going to do it but then I thought I'll give my Bloader's a little treat! This is what my cover looks like. It's not completely done but I know I've had a couple of people asking about it and asking about it so I figure I would give ya little peak! Let me know what you think!

Alrighty this girl is going to work on some more NaNoWriMo have a pleasant night and a happy Thanksgiving if I don't write again this week.

PS. Thinking of putting the first chapter of my book online for a sneak peak, but only if I people will read it, so we'll see!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cupcake Madness week 4

So sorry Bloaders it's been awhile since my last blog. I've been so busy participating in the nanowrimo. I told myself that I wasn't going to do it, but then once November got here I decided I had to do it. Now 23,000 words things are going great. I will post another blog about that later thought. On to the cupcakes.

This week I made Oreo cookie cupakes! The recipe sadly was not from the food network but was from a website I found online. I when I stumbled across this and saw the pic I knew I had to try and make them considering double stuffed is one of the best cookies ever besides chocolate chip! If I had to judge these on a scale from 1 to 5 I would have to give them a 3 I wasn't a fan of them, but my family loved them! I think the reason why I didn't like them was because I used regular cookies for parts of it and I think that the regular oreos taste like burnt chocolate. (My mom says there is no difference between regular oreos and double stuffed and I beg to differ! I will argue this point all day long)

They were really easy to make and if I were to make these again I would do things a little differentt. I would use cake mix instead of making it from scratch. I would also just stick with double stuffed. All oreo cookie recipies you put an oreo cookie at the bottom. I found that the oreo cookie stuck to the cupcake wrapper. I would save the cookie and just crumble more into the batter. Oh and when filling the cupcake wrapper don't worry about filling it up too high. I thought it was going to over flow with batter, but I actually didn't put enough in. I'm not sure the policy with posting other recipes so I'll just show you my pics. Beware your mouth will water!

The cookies in the dough was really good. I used about twenty cookies in the batter.

This is just the cookies at the bottom of the wrapper that I don't recommend

These can be filled more. I found that they barely fell over the top. It was rather difficult to tell if they were done. I wish I would have taken a picture of what they looked like before the topping, but I forgot.

Icing made with whipping cream. I had to add way more powdered sugar than the recipe called for. It wouldn't thicken. Next time i would most likely use cream cheese because this just tasted like whip cream with cookies in it. But if you ever decide to just use the whipping cream, whip on high.

End result. I couldn't pipe because the cookies kept getting stuck. Therefore I just used a spoon and put half a cookie on top.

So there you have it Bloaders my most recent cupcakes. Tomorrow I think I might make similiar cupcakes but chocolate. I'm a sucker for anything chocolate! Next blog coming soon!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cupcake Madness week 3

Not good!
Let me start by saying that I made a good 60 some cupcakes and if you are anywhere near me feel free to stop by and pick some up. I have chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, red velvet(chocolate) with chocolate icing and cream cheese icing, and then yellow cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese icing...and some have a mix. Once again i would like to thank for the recipes and let them know that the yellow cupcakes do taste like sweet cornbread. I was not a fan, but everyone else seemed to like them. I made them from a birthday party for two of my family members and they loved them. Here are some of the things that I learned about making that many cupcakes at one time.

First off I made the cupcakes on Thursday and the icing on Friday. I would flip that around because the frosting wasn't thick enough and
made an enormous mess. The icing was thick but as soon as I added the strawberries that's when it became very mushy and soft, but amazing. I have some left and I left it in the freezer overnight and now it's nice and ready to be spread.

Second things I would recommend is that if a reviewer says something like, "they taste like cornbread" don't just ignore because you only see two or three that say that. I swear I couldn't figure out where someone snuck the cornmeal in on me because that's exactly what it taste like. I might actually start making my cornbread like that instead of using cornmeal because it taste better.

Third and this is just for the beginners: Make sure you have all your ingredient because improvising is not for the newbee's! I have no idea how to substitute certain foods yet or what a certain addition to a recipes will do to the meal. When I cook I don't have that problem, it's easy for me to throw together a bunch of food and it taste really good. Baking is soooooooo different!

Fourth and final and I think I might have mentioned this before...Keep track of what you are putting in your cupcakes. A batch of the cupcakes was about to ding that they were ready and I was making two different icings at the same time to let the chocolate melt and I for some reason couldn't remember if I added sugar to it or not so I added a cup. Then realized that I infact did already add sugar and still needed to add the confectionary sugar! Let's just say I warned everyone that the chocolate ones were not only sweet, but could be severely damaging to a diabetic.

All together it was a birthday success I even have pictures to share!

I'm thinking about getting a cupcake book and just cooking through it. Maybe I'll try a whole Julie and Julia with baked goods! I really liked that movie :) Anyway, here are some pics!
Let me know if you want some Bloaders!


It's upside down!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

Let me start by saying all though I have been sick all week, it was a pretty good week. I finally think my book might be done by November. Woohoo! I also realized how much I love my new phone because I can touch the screen. Then I realized that there are computers that are touch screen too and I think some tv's might be touch screen. Do you remember when we were younger and our parents use to tell us that we shouldn't touch anything? Well, now we are encourage to touch everything it seems like. Sometimes I like to pretend that my laptop is touch screen when it drives me nuts...tooo bad it doesn't work. What are some other things that we can touch now that we couldn't when we were younger? Okay I'm done rambling about touch.

My cousin and I were having a funny conversation the other day and she says to me that she wants to see the new Johnny Depp movie. I told her I wasn't surprised at all because she will watch anything with Johnny Depp in it. It could be the worse movie ever made and if Johnny Depp is in it she will find the good in it no matter what. It's true no matter how horrible a movie if it has Ashton Kutcher, John Krasinski, Amanda Bynes, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry especially Matthew Perry, Queen Latifah, James Roday, Morgan Freeman...the list can actually go on and on. Anyway, even if it looks like a crap movie if any of these people are in it... I will be watching it. (Oh wait did I forget Randy Orton) hehe

I wasn't going to write on this, but I was flipping through the channels just now and decided that it was necessary for me to complain about reality tv. I CAN'T STAND IT! I think the only prerequisite to getting your own reality show is you have to be willing to have sex on camera, swear like a sailor, practically walk around half naked, excessive drama, and just simply make a complete and total ass out of yourself. I wont lie I used to watch The Hills and Laguna Beach...I LOVED IT! Now I flip through and I'm sickened by it. I'll stop for five seconds on Jersey Shore or Kardashian's or repo crap and I watch it and instantly have to change the channel. I can completely understand why people watch it because watching other people act crazy takes away from your own crazy life. So I don't knock people who watch it, but I just don't understand how someone could feel comfortable with their parents watching them have sex with a random stranger. Or have someone watch how rude you are or how dirty your mouth could actually be. I am 26 years old and my dad would beat the living daylights out of me and ship me away to a convent. I will admit that that I do occasionally watch Billy the Exterminator (don't ask why cause I don't know) and I guess The First 48 hrs and Scared straight is reality tv and I watch that too. I actually love The First 48. 

Don't even get me started on the salaries these people make...I should start my own reality show. Calling all people who are willing to drink until alcohol poison sets in, willing to show and use the word vagina in each episode, willing to degrade woman and if you a woman degrade yourself by being completely rude, obnoxious, stupid, and slutty. And let's not forget people must be willing to screw people over and  fight even when it's not necessary. If you are willing to drop your morals and your pants apply within!

Night Night Bloaders!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Me!

Let me first start by saying that I am exhausted! I didn't get much sleep last night and I had a doc appt today that I was late for and couldn't see her. It's a good thing I drove all the way to Sayre for the appt! It's okay though it gave me a chance to read a friends book and I'm so mad that I don't have the whole thing because it is soooooo good. I have to know what happens next. I literally yelled when I got to the last page because I don't know what happens next. Shit! That's what people are going to think about my book since there a big cliffhanger. Hmmm.....that makes me think a little bit!

So had a meeting the other day with the some ladies from the writing group and realized so much that I didn't even think about before. For instance legality. What can you say and what can't you say without permission. I got a B in my Comm Law class and apparently I wasn't paying close enough attention because I forgot a lot of the rules. Like I can't use someone elses lyrics unless I get permission. Condering I don't know Train personally I would have to say that they are probably not going to let me use their lyrics from their Meet Virginia song. (which is one of my favorite songs) I thought about messaging them on their Twitter page but I figured they probably would think I was some crack pot wanting to steal their lyrics so I didn't. But don't you worry Bloaders I found a soluttion that solves the problem. I have a friend who is just amazing at music and he has a couple of his own songs that he said I have permission to use. So I'm going to use lyrics from his song in my book and I figure with his permission there is no way that can be illegal. Lifesaver...I think so :) Next on the book list my cover...Got a look at it today and I would have to say it's pretty bitchin'. I really like it but there is something that is missing and I can't put my finger on it. I don't know I have to figure it out so that I can make a website. Who would think that self publishing would be so much so much work. Also book wise I've been thinking of putting maybe a couple of pages or the first chapter on my blog to see if it sparks any interest. Good idea? Let me know what you think. I love my Bloaders opinions! (by the way if you want to see the covers you can visit my twitter or facebook)

Other than the lyrics I am just nervous all the way around about the book. I have this fear of someone that I look up to calling me ameuture(that doesn't look right) I know it's going to happen. I read an entire blog the other about people who will just hate your book because they hate everything. I actually watched this funny comedy with Nick Swardson and he was saying how he hates people who are always constantly saying how no matter what they hate everything. I have to agree with him on that one. I remember people saying  Bad Boys, Die Hard, Gone Baby Gone were bad movies and I just want to ask them if they watched it with their eyes closed because THEY ARE AMAZING! I know I know it's just my opinion and Michael Bay over does it blah blah blah! I just want them to take a minute and really evaluate their pessimistic life. The glass does not have to be half empty people. Tell me some positives first then you can hit me with the negatives...Sheesh! Where was I? Oh, scared about what people will think about my book. What if I send it to a reviewer that I'm just crazy about and she ends up telling me that my work is poo? I can't shake this fear out of me. The worse is if somehow Karin Slaughter read my book and she says something like she could do a better job if she wrote it all down on paper, ate it, and the crapped it out! I don't know if I would be able to handle that because I idolize her. I never though anyone would beat Agatha Chrisite but she did. Do you guys have any advice to deal with pre-jitters. I think if I were going through a publisher I wouldn't be so nervous but since I've doing everything myself I am frickin' nervous! I think tomorrow if I am feeling better I will just get a bottle of Bully Hill wine and a big ol' chart and map out everything I have to do so that I am not so scattered brain about the whole situation. Especially since my brother thinks coming out in January might not be the best idea because it's right after Christmas and no one has any money, and I totally agree. I just don't want it to be out around Valentines day. I want it out before then.

Let me interrupt my train of thought and just say that I am still listening to my friends music trying to finally decide what song lyrics I want to use and I'm sort of blown away by his talents. I had no idea he could sing and mix lyrics together like this. The only thing I can do like that is play two different songs at once.

I would write more about this week's episode of NCIS and Psych and this fascination I have with touching things...but I will have to let that continue to my next blog because I'm beat!

Friday, October 14, 2011


What's up Bloaders :) I wanna start by saying that I just watched the best RKO I've ever seen. If you don't know what that means you are missing out. Now on to my topic for the night. Let me say that selling my car is possibly the worse decision that I've ever made. I'm sitting here on a Friday night waiting for my father to get home so that I can use his car. I know what your thinking, pretty pathetic right. I know I know. I'm not even gonna comment on the fact that I am watching DVR'd episodes of Judge Judy. Lol!
I'm like an old lady that sits in a rocking chair and knits on a friday night. I know I'm not knitting, but I might as well be. It might spice up my evening if I knit myself a sweater.

So I've been thinking about something a lot lately. I been reading through my book in order to get it in tip top condition for one final read through and it seems every time I do this I have dreams about my exes.
I knew I should have never based my characters after them. :) It just ya know the last thing I need to be dreaming about right now.

Have you ever had that one guy in your past that you don't even talk to any longer that after having a dream about them you just wake up and smile or you force yourself to try and stay asleep. You know it will never happen in real life, but you have no problem thinking about it throughout the day. That's how it's been the last week as I've been reading my book. I can't stop thinking about the past. I know I am not the only girl that feels this way, but I am curious when do you get over your first love? Is it after the break up, after your married or find a new love, or do you simply never get over a first love? I know I am rambling but I've been thinking about my dream and I always wonder if other people think about this stuff. Or do you ever wonder who's dreaming about you? Aren't you curious if an old love thinks about you when they smell something, hear something funny, thinking about the past? Do you wonder if you appear in their dreams just as much as they appear in yours? Just call me George cause I am always curious about that. I guess sometimes it's just nice to know that someone else is thinking about you. It doesn't even have to be in a loving way, just in a I miss you or I just wanted to think about you and smile kind of way. It's just interesting to me to think about stuff like this every once in awhile.

It's actually funny because after I had that dream I cleaned my room and found an old stuffed bear that I got from let's just as an "ex" and the bear connects to another bear by a magnet in the nose. I wanted these bears so bad and after hinting about them for months he finally got them for me. He even suprised with them which was difficult considering I sorta knew I was going to get them. It's even cute bc one of them is brown and one of them is white. Anyway, now it's all alone and loney and wants her playmate back, but he's not around. (The bear not the ex)So what do I do? Do I keep the bear because it was gift or do I get rid it because without the other bear it's just not the same. Who am I kidding I'm never going to throw it away I could never bring myself to do it. It's just sad to see it all alone. Dear Lord, I need to start writing a murder mystery book or get started on the play that I have been wanting to write because all this love stuff I'm writing is driving me nuts.

Well, maybe that will give ya something to think about and maybe or maybe you have a comment you want to make about it.

I guess I should wrap things up. I think I'm going to finish watching Jake Gyllenhal in Prince of Persia.

Oh, I was thinking about before I publish my book to maybe let people get a sneak peak of the first couple pages or the first chapter. I haven't really decided but I'm wondering what you think?

My loney bear :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cupcake Madness week 2

First let me start of by saying I have two followers!!!! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! Tell your friends. lol.  Second I want to say this week cupcakes are brought to you by the Food Network, thank you for the delicious recipes.  Okay on to the cupcakes. This week I chose to make Dirt and Worm Cupcakes! My brother told me not to do anything with chocolate because it's harder to make. I didn't listen ;) I wanted to do something that would be somewhat of a challenge and surprisingly it wasn't but I do have a few tips. 1. Remember all the ingredients. (I almost forgot the sugar!) 2. Read carefully (because a simmer is not the same as a boil!) 3. For this recipe it's easier to mix the cookies with the chocolate and not try to sprinkle broken cookies on the the cupcakes. Along with that double stuffed oreas are not necessary, althought they are good, regular oreos will do.   All in all they turned out to be fantastic! If you want some let me know!  Pictures below! 

On to the next topic
I don't know if any of you are Psych watchers...if you aren't you should be. Not only is the show hilarious but after six seasons I still get excited watching every single episode. The chemistry of the cast and the writing are top notch. James Roday should have won an award already because he's hilarious. Not to mention that most of my favorite episodes of Psych James Roday wrote. Plus, Dule' Hill is a great sidekick to play along side of James Roday and he can tap dance his ass off! I never thought of him as hot, but when I saw the episode of him tap dancing I was blown away. Anyway, last nights episode was hilarious. (Shawn with a horrible British accent) "Where are your shoes?"  And the whole plot of "if you blow my cover, you admit your own guilt" story line was great as well. Two thumbs up can't wait for next weeks episode.

Next topic
Okay okay back on twitter...First off what the hell does RT mean? I've tried to figure this out for a month now. I wanted to ask someone but then I was acutally quite embarrased that I couldn't figure it out. It was kind of like SMH I had no idea what that meant for the longest time so I just went along with with. Added it in every now and again even though I had no idea what it meant.
         I was reading through some of the people twitter messages and I just don't understand. If you write a celebrity on their wall it doesn't always show... is it because it only shows if they allow it. Confusing right? Is just celebrities or people who have to verify an acct? I'm twitter confused!
         I want to follow someone funny. Someone who tweets golden comedy because I like to read funny stuff. Like JarPad(Jared Padalecki) his tweets are funny. I enjoy reading the stuff that he has to say. Is there any other people out there that are funny? They don't have to be famous, just funny.

 And speaking of funny I went to Writer's Group tonight and I had someone else read my story outloud and if you ever start writing you should do this because it's interesting hearing someone else voice with your words. Does that make since? When I'm reading I can't look at other peoples faces because I'm too busy trying to read. Well, tonight I got that chance and it wasn't quite what I was expecting. The part she read was at a gyno appt (It's hilarious) Anyway, this one lady was sitting there and I could tell she was not impressed. Once Kasey started reading it I felt as if I should have picked a different part because to me it's just freaking hilarious. So note for the day...Gyno jokes in a group...not funny! lol I think each time I go now I am going to have someone else read my writing because it's just funnier.

Well, Bloaders, I am going to stop although I don't think I talked about everything I wanted to, but I can always right tomorrow. I'm going to try and start writing every day. I don't know if it will happen I'm trying publish a book, but we'll see. If you ever have any topics to talk about feel to comment about them because it gives me something to write about. Or something funny like picture or a quote, comment let me know! I can always use a little humor! Oh...except anything serious. As Dr. Crane would say..."I'm listening." :) Sorry it just got added to Netflix and I've been watching like crazy!



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And this is my partner...

Okay let me start first by saying IT'S OCTOBER 12TH!!! For those of you who don't know me I am a huge Psych fan! I waited months for it to come back on in the summer time and when Unecessary Roughness came on instead of Psych I didn't even watch it because I was so mad they moved Psych. I know it's a little childish but I've been a fan not since the first episode but from the very first promo! I fell in love.

Alright, enough about Psych I will now move on to somewhat finish what I was writing last time. I read the other day that they are going to have a Scream 4. Please, Wes Craven tell me this is just a horrible rumor started by die hard Scream fans that can't get enough of Sydney Prescott. I don't know how you can ruin such a good thing. Maybe soon they'll come out with another I Know What You Did Last Summer. That would be fantastic. (Sarcasm)

So here's something funny. I just started using twitter and I still have no idea what I am doing so I like to play around on it somewhat. Now I'm not one of those people who constantly contact celebrities and leave them messages and hope for a response. Not that I am knocking people who do but sometimes it's funny reading some of the messages that people send, or what they do to get noticed. I follow aplusk on twitter mainly because I think he's hilarious and he has funny tweets. Anyway, I saw a picture of a girl who got a tattoo on her back that had Ashton Kutcher I love you and then something else I can't remember. But I couldn't help myself and turned into one of those people who commented on his picture. What did I comment you ask? And I say you because I know of only one person who reads this :) I said...crap what the heck did I say? Oh wait I remember. I said, "That's either flattering or that start of a restraining order." I thought it was pretty funny. lol I'm laughing about it right now. I don't blame people who constantly message celebrities and want to get a response because let's face it would be awesome. I am actually thinking of getting Randy Ortons face tattooed on mine so that he would send me a message. (Again sarcasm) I personally don't think you should ever get anyone's name tattooed on you hell I would never get my own name tattooed on me, why would I put someone elses. I would like to talk to this girl...I think it was a girl... and ask her why she did it just because I trully am curious behind her reasoning. I would also like to know what the tattoo artist said to her when she handed her design to him. Do other people have do stuff like this? If yes send me a link I would find it rather amusing!

I guess my last thought for today well, I have two! NCIS was great last night and if you didn't watch it you missed one hell of an episode! Two my best friend told me I inspired her to write her own book. She wants to do it of her thoughts and on different situations that have happened to her. Let me tell you if she actually completes it (which I know she will) It is going to be one hell of a book!

Alright Bloaders (that's blog readers together) I just made it up I think. It could possibly be out there already idk. Anway, I will probably write another one after tonight's episode of Psych.

By the way if you don't understand my title for this blog tune in to Psych tonight at 10 on USA:)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Is it really Saturday night and I'm blogging?

I wasn't going to blog today but I just watched Scream 4 and I have to talk about it. Let me start by saying my friend and I watched Scream when we were about 14 or 15 years old. I was not only blown away but it's the reason I wanted to start writing in the first place. Good ol' Sydney Prescott is by far my favorite scream queen. Most people would probably think I'm nuts because their is Jamie Lee Curtis and Jennifer Love Hewitt(It's the only other name I can think of right now) but I just love Scream so much. The first thing I actually wrote was a horror movie and I wish I could remember what I did with it because I it would be funny to read it. Anyway, when I saw that there was a fourth Scream coming out I was on the up and up because I didn't think it was going to be any good. I usually only like when movies come in three. It's just not good after three.

So you're probably wondering what did Angel think of Scream 4. Without giving too much away I would have to say. Out of the four it is my least favorite...but I like the message it had better than any of the other ones. I am also a big Emma Roberts fan. She was on that one show Unfabulous or Unpredictable I can't remember but I loved it. It was a nice concept and I would watch it again so out of five stars I would give it three. Most people would probably say I am being overly generous but I just can't get enough of scream. I even watched it by myself which is a first and I would have to say that I  laughed more than I jumped...but that's scream to me. It's a scary comedy. scarmedy! Some of the people that were in it were just terrible and Gale Weather got ten times bitchier which is a giant plus!  "Where is the circle jerk at" Favorite line of the movie by far. Another thing though is what was up with the "ghostfaced" voice. It wasn't scary it was more like a deep voiced transvestite...but not a pretty one.

For some reason I started watching Transformers is on and I'm losing all my concentration when Shia is on the screen. This will continue.....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cupcake Madness

This is my first blog that I have ever written. So I figure I should give some back history on why my title is cupcake madness! Well, that's simple. It's because I don't know what I'm doing and it's the first thing that popped into my head. Plus, I made a dozen cupcakes today. I am a writer and I recently decided that I want to be a pastry chef as well. I've been thinking about doing it for awhile, but I've been focused on this book that I am writing so I put it on the back burner. Now that my book is so very close to being finished I figure I would start baking to see if I liked it. Let's face it I love it!

You should know before you continue reading my blogs that I am somewhat of a scatter bug and my thought s sometimes roam all over the place. Like right now I am talking about cupcakes but I am going to segway into the fact that I get Tranformers Dark Side of the Moon tomorrow and I am wicked excited to get me some Shia and some Transformers! Although I would be even more excited if they started dancing like they do in that commercial with the hamster. I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL. If I could watch it over and over again  I would. I love the song and I love the fact that the hamsters and the robots unite to dance. I wonder what would happen if everyone would just unite and bust a move. I bet we would live in a better place. I know I would be happier.

I have so many many thoughts in my noggin to put down from today but I am so tired that I have to stop. I will probably read my favorite wrestling write up and then watch an episode of Psych on netflix since the added new episodes....then fall asleep! 

PS. I hope you all watched NCIS and NCIS:LA because it was good! Oh, and if your wondering I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and they were AMAZINGLY AWESOME! 

Stay tuned  ;)