Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And this is my partner...

Okay let me start first by saying IT'S OCTOBER 12TH!!! For those of you who don't know me I am a huge Psych fan! I waited months for it to come back on in the summer time and when Unecessary Roughness came on instead of Psych I didn't even watch it because I was so mad they moved Psych. I know it's a little childish but I've been a fan not since the first episode but from the very first promo! I fell in love.

Alright, enough about Psych I will now move on to somewhat finish what I was writing last time. I read the other day that they are going to have a Scream 4. Please, Wes Craven tell me this is just a horrible rumor started by die hard Scream fans that can't get enough of Sydney Prescott. I don't know how you can ruin such a good thing. Maybe soon they'll come out with another I Know What You Did Last Summer. That would be fantastic. (Sarcasm)

So here's something funny. I just started using twitter and I still have no idea what I am doing so I like to play around on it somewhat. Now I'm not one of those people who constantly contact celebrities and leave them messages and hope for a response. Not that I am knocking people who do but sometimes it's funny reading some of the messages that people send, or what they do to get noticed. I follow aplusk on twitter mainly because I think he's hilarious and he has funny tweets. Anyway, I saw a picture of a girl who got a tattoo on her back that had Ashton Kutcher I love you and then something else I can't remember. But I couldn't help myself and turned into one of those people who commented on his picture. What did I comment you ask? And I say you because I know of only one person who reads this :) I said...crap what the heck did I say? Oh wait I remember. I said, "That's either flattering or that start of a restraining order." I thought it was pretty funny. lol I'm laughing about it right now. I don't blame people who constantly message celebrities and want to get a response because let's face it would be awesome. I am actually thinking of getting Randy Ortons face tattooed on mine so that he would send me a message. (Again sarcasm) I personally don't think you should ever get anyone's name tattooed on you hell I would never get my own name tattooed on me, why would I put someone elses. I would like to talk to this girl...I think it was a girl... and ask her why she did it just because I trully am curious behind her reasoning. I would also like to know what the tattoo artist said to her when she handed her design to him. Do other people have do stuff like this? If yes send me a link I would find it rather amusing!

I guess my last thought for today well, I have two! NCIS was great last night and if you didn't watch it you missed one hell of an episode! Two my best friend told me I inspired her to write her own book. She wants to do it of her thoughts and on different situations that have happened to her. Let me tell you if she actually completes it (which I know she will) It is going to be one hell of a book!

Alright Bloaders (that's blog readers together) I just made it up I think. It could possibly be out there already idk. Anway, I will probably write another one after tonight's episode of Psych.

By the way if you don't understand my title for this blog tune in to Psych tonight at 10 on USA:)

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  1. You are just too funny! Keep me posted on your Twitter adventures!