Friday, October 14, 2011


What's up Bloaders :) I wanna start by saying that I just watched the best RKO I've ever seen. If you don't know what that means you are missing out. Now on to my topic for the night. Let me say that selling my car is possibly the worse decision that I've ever made. I'm sitting here on a Friday night waiting for my father to get home so that I can use his car. I know what your thinking, pretty pathetic right. I know I know. I'm not even gonna comment on the fact that I am watching DVR'd episodes of Judge Judy. Lol!
I'm like an old lady that sits in a rocking chair and knits on a friday night. I know I'm not knitting, but I might as well be. It might spice up my evening if I knit myself a sweater.

So I've been thinking about something a lot lately. I been reading through my book in order to get it in tip top condition for one final read through and it seems every time I do this I have dreams about my exes.
I knew I should have never based my characters after them. :) It just ya know the last thing I need to be dreaming about right now.

Have you ever had that one guy in your past that you don't even talk to any longer that after having a dream about them you just wake up and smile or you force yourself to try and stay asleep. You know it will never happen in real life, but you have no problem thinking about it throughout the day. That's how it's been the last week as I've been reading my book. I can't stop thinking about the past. I know I am not the only girl that feels this way, but I am curious when do you get over your first love? Is it after the break up, after your married or find a new love, or do you simply never get over a first love? I know I am rambling but I've been thinking about my dream and I always wonder if other people think about this stuff. Or do you ever wonder who's dreaming about you? Aren't you curious if an old love thinks about you when they smell something, hear something funny, thinking about the past? Do you wonder if you appear in their dreams just as much as they appear in yours? Just call me George cause I am always curious about that. I guess sometimes it's just nice to know that someone else is thinking about you. It doesn't even have to be in a loving way, just in a I miss you or I just wanted to think about you and smile kind of way. It's just interesting to me to think about stuff like this every once in awhile.

It's actually funny because after I had that dream I cleaned my room and found an old stuffed bear that I got from let's just as an "ex" and the bear connects to another bear by a magnet in the nose. I wanted these bears so bad and after hinting about them for months he finally got them for me. He even suprised with them which was difficult considering I sorta knew I was going to get them. It's even cute bc one of them is brown and one of them is white. Anyway, now it's all alone and loney and wants her playmate back, but he's not around. (The bear not the ex)So what do I do? Do I keep the bear because it was gift or do I get rid it because without the other bear it's just not the same. Who am I kidding I'm never going to throw it away I could never bring myself to do it. It's just sad to see it all alone. Dear Lord, I need to start writing a murder mystery book or get started on the play that I have been wanting to write because all this love stuff I'm writing is driving me nuts.

Well, maybe that will give ya something to think about and maybe or maybe you have a comment you want to make about it.

I guess I should wrap things up. I think I'm going to finish watching Jake Gyllenhal in Prince of Persia.

Oh, I was thinking about before I publish my book to maybe let people get a sneak peak of the first couple pages or the first chapter. I haven't really decided but I'm wondering what you think?

My loney bear :)

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  1. Now that I`m joined up maybe my comment will work properly! I think that our first loves are always special but that, in time, we move on and find new loves.