Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cupcake Madness week 2

First let me start of by saying I have two followers!!!! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! Tell your friends. lol.  Second I want to say this week cupcakes are brought to you by the Food Network, thank you for the delicious recipes.  Okay on to the cupcakes. This week I chose to make Dirt and Worm Cupcakes! My brother told me not to do anything with chocolate because it's harder to make. I didn't listen ;) I wanted to do something that would be somewhat of a challenge and surprisingly it wasn't but I do have a few tips. 1. Remember all the ingredients. (I almost forgot the sugar!) 2. Read carefully (because a simmer is not the same as a boil!) 3. For this recipe it's easier to mix the cookies with the chocolate and not try to sprinkle broken cookies on the the cupcakes. Along with that double stuffed oreas are not necessary, althought they are good, regular oreos will do.   All in all they turned out to be fantastic! If you want some let me know!  Pictures below! 

On to the next topic
I don't know if any of you are Psych watchers...if you aren't you should be. Not only is the show hilarious but after six seasons I still get excited watching every single episode. The chemistry of the cast and the writing are top notch. James Roday should have won an award already because he's hilarious. Not to mention that most of my favorite episodes of Psych James Roday wrote. Plus, Dule' Hill is a great sidekick to play along side of James Roday and he can tap dance his ass off! I never thought of him as hot, but when I saw the episode of him tap dancing I was blown away. Anyway, last nights episode was hilarious. (Shawn with a horrible British accent) "Where are your shoes?"  And the whole plot of "if you blow my cover, you admit your own guilt" story line was great as well. Two thumbs up can't wait for next weeks episode.

Next topic
Okay okay back on twitter...First off what the hell does RT mean? I've tried to figure this out for a month now. I wanted to ask someone but then I was acutally quite embarrased that I couldn't figure it out. It was kind of like SMH I had no idea what that meant for the longest time so I just went along with with. Added it in every now and again even though I had no idea what it meant.
         I was reading through some of the people twitter messages and I just don't understand. If you write a celebrity on their wall it doesn't always show... is it because it only shows if they allow it. Confusing right? Is just celebrities or people who have to verify an acct? I'm twitter confused!
         I want to follow someone funny. Someone who tweets golden comedy because I like to read funny stuff. Like JarPad(Jared Padalecki) his tweets are funny. I enjoy reading the stuff that he has to say. Is there any other people out there that are funny? They don't have to be famous, just funny.

 And speaking of funny I went to Writer's Group tonight and I had someone else read my story outloud and if you ever start writing you should do this because it's interesting hearing someone else voice with your words. Does that make since? When I'm reading I can't look at other peoples faces because I'm too busy trying to read. Well, tonight I got that chance and it wasn't quite what I was expecting. The part she read was at a gyno appt (It's hilarious) Anyway, this one lady was sitting there and I could tell she was not impressed. Once Kasey started reading it I felt as if I should have picked a different part because to me it's just freaking hilarious. So note for the day...Gyno jokes in a group...not funny! lol I think each time I go now I am going to have someone else read my writing because it's just funnier.

Well, Bloaders, I am going to stop although I don't think I talked about everything I wanted to, but I can always right tomorrow. I'm going to try and start writing every day. I don't know if it will happen I'm trying publish a book, but we'll see. If you ever have any topics to talk about feel to comment about them because it gives me something to write about. Or something funny like picture or a quote, comment let me know! I can always use a little humor! Oh...except anything serious. As Dr. Crane would say..."I'm listening." :) Sorry it just got added to Netflix and I've been watching like crazy!



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  1. RT means retweet--it's when you retweet someone else's tweet. Say, if I like what you tweeted, I can RT it by clicking the retweet link under it.

    I can't imagine anyone not finding the gyno part of your book hilarious!!

    I am sooooooo sorry I missed group, again. You'll have to wait till later today to read my blog post on what happened to my crazy car!