Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cupcake Madness week 3

Not good!
Let me start by saying that I made a good 60 some cupcakes and if you are anywhere near me feel free to stop by and pick some up. I have chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, red velvet(chocolate) with chocolate icing and cream cheese icing, and then yellow cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese icing...and some have a mix. Once again i would like to thank for the recipes and let them know that the yellow cupcakes do taste like sweet cornbread. I was not a fan, but everyone else seemed to like them. I made them from a birthday party for two of my family members and they loved them. Here are some of the things that I learned about making that many cupcakes at one time.

First off I made the cupcakes on Thursday and the icing on Friday. I would flip that around because the frosting wasn't thick enough and
made an enormous mess. The icing was thick but as soon as I added the strawberries that's when it became very mushy and soft, but amazing. I have some left and I left it in the freezer overnight and now it's nice and ready to be spread.

Second things I would recommend is that if a reviewer says something like, "they taste like cornbread" don't just ignore because you only see two or three that say that. I swear I couldn't figure out where someone snuck the cornmeal in on me because that's exactly what it taste like. I might actually start making my cornbread like that instead of using cornmeal because it taste better.

Third and this is just for the beginners: Make sure you have all your ingredient because improvising is not for the newbee's! I have no idea how to substitute certain foods yet or what a certain addition to a recipes will do to the meal. When I cook I don't have that problem, it's easy for me to throw together a bunch of food and it taste really good. Baking is soooooooo different!

Fourth and final and I think I might have mentioned this before...Keep track of what you are putting in your cupcakes. A batch of the cupcakes was about to ding that they were ready and I was making two different icings at the same time to let the chocolate melt and I for some reason couldn't remember if I added sugar to it or not so I added a cup. Then realized that I infact did already add sugar and still needed to add the confectionary sugar! Let's just say I warned everyone that the chocolate ones were not only sweet, but could be severely damaging to a diabetic.

All together it was a birthday success I even have pictures to share!

I'm thinking about getting a cupcake book and just cooking through it. Maybe I'll try a whole Julie and Julia with baked goods! I really liked that movie :) Anyway, here are some pics!
Let me know if you want some Bloaders!


It's upside down!