Monday, November 21, 2011

It's been too long...

What's up Bloaders! It's been awhile since I've been able to do a blog. Let me start off by saying that I missed blogging these last couple of weeks. This november has been the busiest month I've had all year. First thing on my plate was National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Trying to write a novel in thirty days. The goal was to get up to 50,000 words. I found that once I began writing getting to 50,000 words was no problem, I wrote free style like I wrote my first novel. I didn't have a plan I just wrote, I have to admit my first novel I knew exactly how I wanted it to map out and in the third novel in the series I just don't know how I want it to map out.  So although I got to my 50,000 words and even got there 15 days early I don't know if I can even use all those words. I'm glad I did it though, I felt as if it was going to be a challenge and I never turn down a challenge no matter what.

I feels as if the path that I want to take my book is a good path, but I feel as if I should change it. I guess I'm not quite sure how to actually say what I mean. Writing my first  book was the most exciting thing that I've ever done and being in the position I was in with not feeling well, barely being able to get out of bed, and being in constant pain, writing was my one release. I've always been the person to have two or three jobs. Trying to keep as busy I could and being out of work was something that broke me down...long story short writing help me feel as if I wasn't wasting away in my bed room with my remote control. My mom always says it happened for a reason so I could complete my book... I have to agree with her, although I could have done without some of the pain :) My point though is the one thing I had was my writing and I feel as if I don't have that anymore.

At every turn of completing one step I feel as if I get pushed two steps back. First step was not being able to afford it, well, then I got the money. Now it's not being able to go through the self publisher that I want to because my word count would put my book at 17.95 Not quite sure what I should do about that. I thought maybe I would just do kindles but I know 75% of my fan base don't have them. So now I'm worried what my next move should be in this lously rollercoaster I call becoming an author.

Now after going through my book one final time trying to put everything together and ready for whatever I decide, I come to realize it's nothing like my first draft, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing. I feel as if I listened to others more than I litsend to myself and somewhere down the line I lost myself a little. My jokes, the scenes, everything just seems so diffrent. I just can't figure out when you go with your gut and when you go with someone elses. IDK I will just be happy when I have my baby in my hand. 

Well, since I've rambled on forever I'll show you some pics of some cupcakes I made last week. I'll try and
do a cupcake blog next week :)

These are my Grinch cupcakes! Every time I look at them that's what I think about. They are vanilla icing with chocolate chip cupcake. AMAZING! I can't wait till I come full circle and make these again. My pipping still need some work and for some reason I can't ever get my frosting thick enough. 

These are chocolate cupcake(devils foodcake) it was the first time I didn't make from scratch. I topped it with peanut butter icing. I HATED IT! It was so thick I couldn't spread it and once I added the confect sugar I thought it tasted funny but everyone else said I was being overly critical. Why do people say that to me of course I'm overly critcal! DUH! One word of advice as adding the confec. sugar keep tasting it and put in microwave to soften. I actually added peanut butter chips to the frosting and it made it taste alot better still not my favorite though. Oh and use Jiffy.

These are what they look like before the awful peanut butter! Aren't they beautiful? I added peanut butter chips to these too. Personally I loved them just like this.

Sneak peak! I wasn't going to do it but then I thought I'll give my Bloader's a little treat! This is what my cover looks like. It's not completely done but I know I've had a couple of people asking about it and asking about it so I figure I would give ya little peak! Let me know what you think!

Alrighty this girl is going to work on some more NaNoWriMo have a pleasant night and a happy Thanksgiving if I don't write again this week.

PS. Thinking of putting the first chapter of my book online for a sneak peak, but only if I people will read it, so we'll see!

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  1. I LOVE the cover!!! Two things--I know how badly you want to have this book published soon. But if you're feeling like it's not the way you want it to be , it might be good to put it aside for a liitle while and get some perspective. There's a lot to be said for beta readers and editors and paying attention to what they say. But if you feel you have lost yourself in the process, maybe you need to regroup. Two--if your publisher is dictating the price of your book and therefor the length of the book, making you cut it where you don't want to, you can find other publishers. One of the best things about self-publishing is control. Do you want to give that up in a way that changes your book when you don't want to?

    If you need some venting time, call me. We can meet for coffee and you can let it all out!