Thursday, January 5, 2012

The second poem I wrote for Viewshound

When one door closes...

There was a time when it was just you and me
We would spend time together so happily
But something’s different in the way you look
I feel as if you’re ready to let me off the hook
I tried in the past to hold on to something we’ve lost
But let’s face it I’m glad we’re a lost cause
Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to do
When you’re out on the town with God knows who
See we’re about to do things a little differently
So what I want is for you to do is pay attention closely
I thought I needed you because you made me feel small
But it turns out I’m the big one after all
You once told me a woman should stay in her place
It was the first time you ever got in my face
I should have realized then that you were no good
But I was so caught up on doing what you told me I should
No longer will you push me around
Being slapped and kicked and knocked to the ground
I feel so empowered I wish you were here to see
This I the first time since I met you that I feel so alive and free
I have a surprise for you sweetie and I hope you’re sitting down
Because you might not like this once it gets all over town
You told for so long that no one would ever take me as their lover
Well, guess what baby I’m running off with your brother

...another door opens

Article category: Poetry
Article tags: confidence, self-esteem, women, drama

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